The other night I stopped at a place called snowmounteen so a friend could grab a drink and I was extremely impressed with the design of the place. It had lots of white walls and soft light, paired with warm wood and funky furniture. Of course I grabbed a menu/brochure to take with me so […]

Soon I’ll be traveling to Daegu, South Korea and living there for a year to teach English. I’ll attempt to update this blog with any interesting design I run across- it will be fun to look at it through the eyes of a different culture. If you would like to follow along with my travels […]

I recently started reading a book about human trafficking (check out the website and movement, it’s pretty awesome!) and it’s had me thinking a lot about the issue. This infographic is both beautifully conceived and designed; it displays a lot of information in a way that’s easy to understand. The clean aesthetic paired with the […]

I’m designing our annual report at work, so of course I’ve been poring over all the beautiful designs already out there for inspiration. Invisible Children‘s 2012 Annual Report is one of the best. It incorporates stunning photography, clever graphics, and beautiful whitespace to create a complete package, while at the same time keeping it fresh […]

This campaign is beautiful. It embodies everything I love about design: whitespace, modernity, playfulness, movement, simplicity. It’s light and simple, yet effective in drawing people in and delivering the message. The design of the print materials is reflected on the website as well, which also navigates very nicely; user experience and the structural design of […]