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College football has kicked off and we’ve had a chance to see some of the crazy uniform redesigns in action. What do you guys think? I’m a sports fanatic and love looking at the jersey designs every year.

There’s been a lot of discussion about this season’s newest uniforms, with opinions flying all over the internet. Here’s my take on this year’s newest looks.


1. Mizzou

I think this new Mizzou jersey is awesome. I love the piercing lines on the shoulders in the yellow option, and the white jersey with black shoulders and simple yellow outline on the numbers looks great!

2. Rutgers

I love this look for Rutgers! It’s sleek and modern with just enough little details to make it interesting, but not over the top.

3. Kentucky

The pattern detail on the sleeves is great. Kentucky has a number of different options with this uniform and they all work together well.

4. Northwestern

I really like Northwestern’s redesign. The horizontal stripes haven’t been seen as much on jerseys recently and the look is fresh and clean.

5. Minnesota

Minnesota is keeping their look pretty simple and it’s really working. These jersey options are bold and look great!


1. Southern Mississippi

Ugh. These colors are awful, which I know can’t be controlled-as much. But colors aside, those thick stripes on the shoulders are just not doing it for me. And that helmet? The thin serif type doesn’t match the look of the jersey whatsoever.

2. Wisconsin

I’m just not a fan of this look. I get that it’s modern and yup, a very clean look, but the font for that W doesn’t hold up against the white jersey; for lack of better words, it looks too wimpy.

3. Nebraska

This redesign is pretty similar to Wisconsin’s- once again it’s just a little bit too simple, it needs an extra push to make it more exciting.

4. Wyoming

I go back and forth on this uniform a little bit. I like the idea of incorporating the camo pattern, however it looks out of place. I don’t like the weird claw-like marks on the pants either.

5. Maryland

Looking at this uniform straight on, it looks pretty cool with an edgy race track feel, and I love the gloves (glove design seems to be pretty big this season!). However, there is so much going on with these jerseys that they look a little too crazy on the field.


These schools are also making a splash with their jerseys, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about them yet.

1. Illinois

I’m just not sure how I feel about that wavy pattern on the pants and sleeve. However, I am a fan of the rest of this look-the helmet and the bold numbers on the jersey are nice.

2. Oregon

Oregon is definitely the pioneer in modern jersey design, and it’s safe to say that any post about college uniforms wouldn’t be complete without them in it. The neon colors and sleek, modern font for numbers are what they’ve become known for, however I’m still up in the air about those wings on the shoulders.

3. Texas A&M

I have a love-hate relationship with these uniforms. Love: the gloves, the simplicity of the jersey, the inner shadow-drop on the numbers, the stripes on the socks. Hate: the thick double stripe that runs onto the sleeve, the large block type on the sleeve. It’s just way too much.

For a great collective review on more college football jerseys, see one of my favorite sports design blogs.

Also, check out this review of the best jerseys for some good information behind the designs and about the schools.


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